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Young teen fashion models from Dream-Studio


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The film is about summer adventures of the two 12-years old girls. The one of them has grown up in a big city, goes to ballet school and sings in the prestige chorus attached to the Philharmonic House. The chorus is getting ready for guest perfomances in France, but an incident has happened, such as she took part with her girl-mate who is held up to mockery and insults by the boys. She enters fearlessly the skirmish, wins a victory and leaves the tour deprived in result. As a punishment she is sent to the remote cape with the lighthouse where her mother's brother works. He is retired military and her mother hopes that Alina will be taught discipline. On her arrival it happens to be that her uncle is at the sea for a long time and Alina finds a long-awaited freedom at last.However in a while she becomes stale and here our new heroine appears. This is local girl, a fishman's daughter, grown up in that wild but wonderful place by the sea, shore rocks and of endless steppe. The film is about friendship, beauty of a human and nature,and their harmonious unity.

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